This Adventure Reversible Skirt


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Nothing like a pop of orange in your wardrobe. Flip this skirt around and you get a nice patterned orange. Where else can you find a skirt like this? Perfect with our Tangerine Trees Top!

This collection’s art pieces were inspired by a world vast and free. During Ying’s trip to South Africa, she was living amidst Mother Nature; where stars shone its brightest, and the luscious greenery boasts its grandeur.

As she experience the wildest moments, her heart felt free as ever. The world, was untouched and that moment, she was a free flowing being. “Let it be”, a poetic tune she whispered.

This collection paints the concept of letting things be; and trusting our hearts. The poem Ying wrote reminds us of enjoying every journey and bask in contentment; so as long as our heart beats, our dreams are alive.

An artisanal and abstract collection with painterly scenery and interesting fabrics sourced from South Africa.

*These pieces are limited in quantities and are on pre-ordering basis. Upon your purchase, the orders will be placed and delivery will be within 6 weeks.


Twill Lux

Prints are designed and hand painted exclusively by our designer, then digitally printed onto fabrics

Hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle in cool water.
Recommend dry cleaning for first 2 – 3 times.
Do not wring dry.
Press with hot steam iron.

Model wears size S.

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