Bits and pieces of the most memorable sights and things I remember of Singapore – from history books to stories my grandparents and parents told me of excursions and just pure curiosity.


Between the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we tend to forget the in-between moments that makeup how beautiful life is. Beauty can be found everyday, anywhere, even in people.










Paige Parker, Author- Don’t Call Me Mrs Rogers, Gemologist


It is something I think every single woman on this planet should have.

It is our responsibility to empower women whenever we can and for everyone to have empowerment in their lives.










Janice Koh, Actress & Co-founder of PasarGlamour

Fashion should allow you to express who you are, your authentic self.













Oon Shu An, Actress

The word I resonate with is love. Love for people and the deep meaningful human connections.













Winnie Chan, Founder of Bynd Artisan

Ying has a very important role to play in defining what is uniquely Singapore and what we are about.













Tjin Lee, Founder of Mercury

Ying is not afraid to experiment and try something different and something new, how she puts art into fashion into prints.











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