A special collaboration with Thomas Wee

This collection will marry Thomas’s timeless silhouettes with Ying’s art.


A special capsule collection that represents the permanence of beauty that lies deep within.

This will be a work of art that will be etched in your heart forever. Cherry blossoms are always a sight to behold, especially at full bloom. It is representative of fragility and beauty of life. A constant reminder that we should cherish what we have, as every enchanting moment will someday end as our lives come to an end.

“As I paint them in bold, black strokes, it reminded me to keep finding the strength in myself to push forward, doing more than what I can. We are all different and at the mercy of time. I hope this collection acts like a tattoo, making all of us treasure every moment of our lives.”








At Ying The Label, we enjoy working with artisans to create exclusive, one-of-a-kind pieces. We hope to share our love for water colour prints and designs with everyone out there. Join us on this journey. For enquiries, please email us at info@yingthelabel.com

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