Everything starts from a clean slate.

When you experience something new, your mind forms a perspective over it.

SS16 is inspired immensely by how every perception of every person can be so unalike. Our lives begin as similar as a piece of blank paper, but as we move along, we toss colours on it, and our lives become a work of art.

Ultimately, this creates an individuality. Enchanted with the idea that each experience contours our emotions and perspectives, I wanted to reflect this using a delicate blend of colours and textures. Every mixture of colours into one droplet is distinctive, reflecting the unique story of every being.

The final painterly prints, structured lines and the blend of textures you see in this collection bring forth a balance between fashion and art; one that is almost unforgettable, and one that tells a story.


At Ying The Label, we enjoy working with artisans to create exclusive, one-of-a-kind pieces. We hope to share our love for water colour prints and designs with everyone out there. Join us on this journey. For enquiries, please email us at info@yingthelabel.com

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