Ying’s rendition of The Tanglin Orchid was specially painted to honour the birth of Dr. Boey S.K.’s hybrid orchid. An orchid of significance and telling.

As a member of the UNESCO world heritage site, Singapore Botanic Gardens site management committee board and a part of Tanglin Neighbourhood Committee’s 20th Anniversary, Dr. Boey S.K. would like to gift something of significance and to leave a legacy behind during her term at Tanglin NC as chairperson.

The Tanglin Orchid has 5 evenly sized petals looking like stars on our national flag. With a little “red dot” in the middle, signifying Singapore. Aside from that, the flower has 3 pink petals on top and 2 white petals at the bottom which again resembles our flag.

A celebration of Tanglin Neighbourhood Committee’s 20th Anniversary, together with our exclusive runway showcase commemorating the launch of The Tanglin Orchid!

A special project designed exclusively for Tanglin Neighbourhood Committee!


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