Steady Heart Tweely


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Fashion up with our exclusive printed tweely! A headband, bag accessory, bracelet or necklace – you can be quirky or stylish with #theyingtweely.

Steady Heart – This whimsical collection features 3 paintings, each is a telling of Ying’s stories over the last 3 years. The fish that appears in all 3 paintings is a symbol of perseverance through the changing times, adapting, and always looking up.
A lotus, which embodies patience and has long been an emblem of pureness of the mind makes its appearance in different forms. This series is simply a celebration of Ying’s journey in turning her passion for creating one-of-a-kind art into wearable pieces.
  • Prints are designed and hand-painted exclusively by our designer, then digitally printed onto fabrics
  • Hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle in cool water. Dry clean for first 2 – 3 times recommended. Do not wring dry. Press with a hot steam iron.
  • One size – Length 46.25″

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