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Re:loop is a capsule of upcycled fabric necklaces by Ying, paired with the luxury of RISIS’s iconic orchid charms. From casual to formal, Re:loop is the perfect addition to any outfit!

Choose between 6 of our archival prints and match them with your favourite orchid charm, available in 4 different gold finishings. The RISIS’s charms are nickel-free and include recycled resources taken from rejected pieces to reduce wastage.

Every YING jewel is unique as every art tells it’s own story. Our artisans meticulously match them together to ensure every piece is vibrant and adorable. There will be a surprise print on the other side of your chosen print!

The beauty in this capsule lies in the fine details of every piece, from the art to the final touches. Since they are made from fabric remains, no one piece is the same. Sustainability can be an inspiration, allowing us to create wonderful objects, consciously.

Please note that the actual product may differ from the photos as every piece of The YING Jewel is different from another and no two are alike as they are created from archival fabrics.


Fabric necklace:

Length – 50cm

Knotted button and loop closure


Length – 1.4cm

Width – 1.6cm

Base Material – Recycled Pewter

Finishing – 24K Swiss Gold (Matt), 24K Swiss Gold (Gloss), 18K Rose Gold, Palladium

Product Care

Fabric necklace:

Recommended hand-wash in cool water.


Wipe with a lint-free cloth after use.

Fish: 2.5” x 5”

Heart: 3” x 4.25”

Star: 5” x 5”


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