Ying x The Missing Piece


I sat on that pale blue stool sipping ginger tea; surrounded by the unusual yet alluring fragrance of Magnolia flowers; my eyes seduced by the beauty of pink dandelions – oh that freedom and lightness I felt.   

This art capsule was inspired by the artistry of being in the moment. A symbol of the lightness of being, Ying painted a gleeful hummingbird together with Magnolias and Dandelions to signify this perfect moment she imagined.

A painterly combination of the unassuming Magnolia and the subtle Dandelion. This collection tells the story of the anomalous strength and gentleness in every woman.

Purity and beauty; the magnolia flower painterly inked onto timeless silhouettes – an exclusive art piece we did for a collaboration with The Missing Piece. A capsule collection that showcases the strength yet gentleness of every woman.