Forests In Summer Kaftan


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The Forests in Summer kaftan encapsulates what Lloyd’s Inn is – a “nature oasis in the city” in an art form; a palette of green hues that represents the understated sense of calmness, the subtle sounds of bustling leaves and foliage, and the gentle tinkling of water droplets – all captured through Ying’s painterly brush strokes.

It was designed for the nature-loving and experiential lifestyle traveller in mind. There are only a limited number of pieces for sale and there will not be a renewed production to keep the kaftan exclusive to its new owners.

Read more about the collaboration here.


Material: Soft to the touch Chiffon

Size: Free-size – fits UK 6 – UK12 (waist tie is adjustable)

Kaftan is sheer: you may wear a slip inside, or wear it over your bikini for a relaxed day out at the beach!

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