Keepers x StraitsClan

– An exclusive Art Series for Keepers x StraitsClan event in May 2017 –

Starting from creating an art on 1 canvas, we thoughtfully and creatively split this 1 piece of art into 3 pieces of art which we then create them into 3 different outfits. Each outfit was unique of its kind with own silhouette suited to enhance the art on the fabric. This is our Limited Edition Art Series as we create 1 outfit per design.

A continuation of our most recent capsule – Journeys of Exploration. It completes the life of the bird, which was once in doubt about braving the storms. However, it persists and conquered its every fear to ultimately spread its wings and flies freely across a mountain of life’s most beautiful sights. ‘I hope I get there someday, with persistence, and determination.’

– Ying