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Joyful Waking Moments with Sunday Bedding


Known for bold prints on comfortable fashion pieces, we showcase the artwork of our founder Phuay Li Ying on unique canvases — ones that can be used and lived in, rather than displayed on a wall.


Over the past year or so, we’ve worked with Sunday Bedding to design Fields of Gold, a joyful new pillowcase collection featuring Ying’s beautiful watercolour artwork. Like many of you, we’ve been feeling a little worn down by the uncertainties of the past year, and we hope to bring moments of delight into your bedrooms through Ying’s artwork. Read on for a peek behind the collaboration.


Fields of Gold in Pistachio. Special thanks to SCENE SHANG for the JING Side Table and Jade Courtyard Papercut Room Diffuser, and Arete Culture for the White Vase.


To begin, we have to go back two years.


We first met Sunday Bedding at a Boutiques event in March 2019. Sunday Bedding views their bedding as a canvas for artists and creatives to tell their stories, and we were enchanted by how Ying translates her paintings onto garments. Her distinctive artwork was a departure from the minimalistic prints we had previously featured, prompting interests in exploring how the bedding could also be a canvas for her work, and how our two different brands could co-create together. The stars aligned as Ying was similarly keen to see their designs on bedding, and appreciated the comfort, materials, and ethos of Sunday Bedding.


Ying, the artist and founder of Ying the Label (Left). How we translate Ying’s artwork to clothing and accessories (Right).

The artwork started with a simple idea:


Ying’s love for the song Fields of Gold. Drawing inspiration from its message of love, Ying sought to convey through her painting the beauty of the morning’s light rays filtering into the room, and the joy and serenity we might feel waking up beside someone we love. We love the vibrant yet delicate nature of what she created.

From there, we worked closely to select colours to complement the art.


Admittedly, it was quite a challenge blending the philosophies of both our brands at first! Ying’s original artwork featured mostly orange and yellow hues, to depict the morning sun. These bright colours were a contrast to the muted or pastel colours that Sunday Bedding usually use in their bedding. On the flipside, the softer Sunday colour palette was uncharted territory for Ying, who tends to work with bright and vibrant colours in Ying the Label’s apparel and accessories.


Ying’s original artwork, inspired by the song Fields of Gold. (Left) It was a challenge finding the right colours to balance the Sunday and Ying philosophies, but we made it in the end! (Right)

We decided to adopt two approaches in the colour selection process.


First, we balanced the bright colours in the artwork with a fresh, yet understated background colour. This led us to Pistachio, which matched surprisingly well with the artwork. The soft colours in this option evoke the feeling of unconditional love and dreams come true and help to create a more relaxing and comforting bedroom environment.


Our second approach was to lean into the boldness and intensity of the colour, while still ensuring it would pair well with other neutrals in our range of colours, like Vanilla Mist or Warm Sand. We landed on Burnt Orange as the base colour, a warm and earthy shade. We’re excited to see which colour combinations you prefer!


The cool and refreshing tones of Pistachio balance out the warm hues in the artwork. Special thanks to SCENE SHANG for the Plum Vase and SHANG System – YI Combination Wutong Drawer.


Burnt Orange plays into the warmth and intensity of the artwork, bringing out its liveliness. Special thanks to Arete Culture for the Tall Taupe Vase and Winter Wonderland White Flowers.

Beyond the tricky process of selecting the base colours, there was also challenge of print placements.


Sunday Bedding initially thought to incorporate Ying’s artwork on the duvet cover and fitted sheet, but after working through variations that did not feel particularly Sunday, this final pillowcase design was eventually landed.


Behind the scenes: Co-Founder of Sunday Bedding Clara and Creative Lead May Ee looking over materials for the photoshoot. (Left) Behind the video shoot featuring Clara in our I Will Wait Reversible Kimono. Special thanks to SCENE SHANG for the Plum Vase and SHANG System – YI Combination, Wutong Drawer. Stick around to see the final video!

Here’s to easy todays, and hopeful tomorrows.


Through this collaboration, we want you to be able to bring home a piece of art and have it work with what you already have and love. After an uncertain year, we are buoyed by a sense of optimism that the colours and artwork communicate, and we hope Fields of Gold will spark joy, hope, and gratitude in your home.


Fields of Gold is a limited edition pillowcase collection in bamboo sateen, available in two colourways: Pistachio and Burnt Orange. Get the pillowcases on their own, or as a sheet set with Pistachio or Vanilla Mist at Sunday Bedding.

Watch our campaign video here for a glimpse into some colours and swatches we explored for this collection, and how you can style your own Fields of Gold pieces.




At Ying The Label, we enjoy working with artisans to create exclusive, one-of-a-kind pieces. We hope to share our love for water colour prints and designs with everyone out there. Join us on this journey. For enquiries, please email us at info@yingthelabel.com

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